Good day, and welcome to Made By Engineer! I am the Engineer in here, and this is the channel about the miracle and mysterious world of digital content — everything that surrounds us nowadays.

Today, our online experience is not only checking emails.

From communication with friends and family to doing the weekly food shop, to creating a 3D model of the hydroelectric power station, printing a 3D model of a bird’s nest. As the time we spend online increases, so do the digital opportunities we have.

The online experience is steadily evolving thanks to content creators, businesses, and app developers who can find new and ingenious ways to help us improve the world around us.

So whether you have a business or working for one, now is the best time to dive in and see how you can connect to the digital world.

But where should you start?

Right here, at my channel. (Twitter, Instagram)

Pandemic and lockdown became a life-changing event for me. But instead of re-watching Black Mirror for the 10th time all day long, I have decided to build my workspace from scratch. If you dream about building something like this, wanna find out how much all the features have costed me (spoiler — not so much as you consider), then make sure to subscribe!

Additionally to workspace, I have originated this channel, where I share my experience working with digital content. As you may know, in the digital world, everything is intertwined — engineering with Digital Design, Technologies with Creation. For example, mobile games are requiring coding, graphics, music.

That’s precisely what this channel is about. We will begin our journey by creating music videos. We don’t even need expensive cameras and costly music artists for that. We can make music videos with animations! Later, I will show you how to create 3D printing videos. Then, we will use the 3D Keanu Reeves character from Cyberpunk to print him out on a 3D printer(not promised)😊. Also, we will do many exercises with coding and use many technologies.

The human world, existing, emerging, and probable, is being driven and transformed by technology, and by digital technologies, in particular. The world we live in has newer qualities in most human spheres and activities than it had 5 years ago. Digital effects are adding on and moving forward the process every second. It’s hard to catch up with the process without getting different sources of information.

Here, we will concentrate on the freshest concepts of digital in all spheres: music, gaming, design, video editing, and much, much more.

Whether you’re a student or an entrepreneur, you will find the videos on this channel valuable and helpful.

As you watch this video, scientists all around the globe are working round the clock to research more ways to protect our home planet from complete devastation at the hands of humanity. Constant efforts are underway to make viable living a reality so that our future generations grow up under the shade of trees. By performing the right clicks on your digital devices, we can help the cause of environmental research.

Despite widespread knowledge about digital media, some public parts are still clueless about the benefits of going digital and its accurate effects on the planet. I hope to contribute by creating this channel.

I will keep you posted on my progress of saving the world by supplying you with videos constantly, so make sure to subscribe and click that notification bell. Thank you, and see ya floating around the Digital Internet!

Digital Content Creator. Love to use every technology to solve issues and make fun!